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Privacy Policy takes your personal information and privacy serious and is compliant with the new 2018 European Union (EU) standards. Our services apply to US only, but we acknowledge that our website visitors come from around the world.


In order for our site to function properly, we place small data files – cookies – on your device, where it gets saved for all future visits. Because of cookies the website can remember your preferences and customizations, like login, language, font size, and all other custom selections. This process guarantees that you will not have to re-enter such information each time you visit.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to track our visitor data for our marketing needs. This data does not include any personal information. We use third party cookies, usually provided and controlled by Google via Google Analytics and Google AdWords displayed on our page. We have no control over such cookies.

When you agree to cookies on the pop-up screen upon entering our website for the first time, you will never be asked about them again.

Google-created cookies will be used for our advertising and for others’ in the Google AdWords in-market and similar marketing campaigns. We have no control over the ads that Google will be displaying on our pages during your visit.

Once you visit our site and Google cookie is installed on your device, you will see those same ads while visiting various websites in the future.

If this policy is not acceptable to you, you can choose to opt out of this type of advertising by visiting the Google Ads Preferences Manager and Google’s Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

Every concern about advertising that you might have after visiting should be addressed with Google and Google AdWords program.

To remove your consent for our website cookies, you simply have to click the cookie approval box and select the opt-out option.

You can control cookies from everybody as you desire. Read for more information. There are ways to delete all current cookies from your browser and set future preferences that they won’t get placed any more. This might require manual adjustment with some types of websites.

Website Traffic Monitoring

We use Google Analytics cookie sets to keep track of traffic on our website. No information collected this way is personal. We only need the numbers of visitors to measure activity and clicks for our marketing programs and improvement.

Google Analytics special User-ID function is not used by us, so your actions are not tracked or reported. We do not import our e-newsletter mailing list to Google Analytics.

We strive to retain a short time for user visit and data acquisition that Google Analytics allows, which is 38 months.

Our blog by email

We never rent or sell your email address to third parties when you voluntarily give it to us in order to receive our newsletter. Once you subscribe to our services, we will share our upcoming events and news with you. If you desire to unsubscribe at any time, you can easily do so.

Drone overflights

Prior to hiring our services, users should make sure that neighboring residents and businesses don’t object drone overflights above their properties. If objections are expressed, we might have to stop our flights due to privacy concerns.

Personal information

We choose not to share your personal information with any third parties. This information includes your name, address, phone number, and email.

Content and conditions of use

All intellectual content and images on are the property of Vunier and are protected under the copyright and trademark laws of United States and International bodies of law. All information you will find is created for educational personal use and not for commercial purposes. You have no right to reproduce, retransmit, republish, alter, duplicate or publicly display any whole or partial material without our permission. Any violation to this will be punishable by law. reserves a full right to all text, information, images, files, and code on this website. All users automatically agree to comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Limitations and liability disclaimer

Limitation of liability

All content is “as is” and users are responsible for damage, interruption, suspension or loss of use during the process of downloads. If your state does not allow limitation of liability, the above statements do not apply to you.

Disclaimer of liability

The user takes responsibility and risks for using the website and all the downloaded items. We are not liable for any damage or loss that might be caused by this website. We are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of any information found here. Under no circumstances are we liable for any specific direct or indirect, incidental or accidental, punitive or consequential damages resulting from any loss of use, data, or profits.

The above paragraph does not apply to you if you live in a state that does not allow limitations of liability.

Links might contain links to the third party websites, but we are not responsible for those privacy policies, so you are encouraged to read their privacy policies before clicking any links and leaving

Intellectual property

All images, content, scripts, HTML code, PHP code, and Cascading Style Sheets are our intellectual property and thus protected by United States and International copyright law. If we choose to use any third party content, full documentation and credit to the author will be displayed in the header of all code.

Images and videos

By using our website you acknowledge that owns all rights to videos and photographs on the website. You are not allowed to modify, adapt, or prepare derivative works from the videos and pictures. Doing so will result in litigation and monetary damages.

Legal notice

We understand that some of our publications might include technical or typographical mistakes and reserve a right to correct such errors without notice. We are not liable for damages of any kind caused by such corrections.

Notification of changes

If we make changes, we will post a notice on this page about updates and corrections to maintain full transparency with our users. Visitors should stop by this page frequently and get familiar with our privacy notice.

Other provisions

Our privacy policy is governed by the laws of State of California. Bu using our website you agree that all disputes and issues will be filed only in the state and federal courts located here. This concludes our Privacy policy and your agreements via usage of our website.

Privacy Policy Updated on 11-29-2018